Why choose an English Experience Camp?

The right experience

Our teachers and activity leaders all have previous professional experience in their respective roles, so everyone we send into schools is qualified to do an excellent job. You can also rely on us as a company: we have been delivering successful English camps in schools in Italy, Slovenia and a number of other countries since 1999.

The right language skills

All of the teachers and activity leaders that run camps in schools abroad have native level English. This means that throughout their fun and stimulating day at camp, your children will be exposed to everyday native English – and quickly learn to use it confidently themselves.

The right learning framework

We are proud of the meticulous approach to 'all through' language learning that we use on our camps. Our sport, art and drama activities are carefully structured to underline the progress children make in our classroom lessons. Courses are planned and written to a high standard by our Overseas Courses Team, working in conjunction with staff at our UK-based language school. To ensure consistency and standardised levels, we use the Common European Framework of Reference as a basis for our courses.

The right support

To set up camps, English Experience uses a step-by-step process designed to minimise the amount of work that local coordinators need to do in their school/venue and with their parent community. When the camp is up and running, English Experience's camp coordinator deals with day-to-day issues and logistics at the school/venue, allowing the local coordinator to relax and remain off-site. Our camp coordinator will have previous experience of teaching on one of our camps, so will be able to anticipate and deal with many problems before they arise.

The right people

Our teachers and activity leaders all enjoy working with children and are passionate about helping them develop their skills and have fun. We interview and do background checks on all of our team members, so English Experience staff will have talked to and be able to vouch for everyone who will be working with your children.

Why choose an English Experience Camp?

The staff have been great: creative, competent and hardworking. They really did a wonderful job with the children, all of whom looked very happy.”

Marilena, teacher, Milano (Italy)


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