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Host Families

Offering a teacher or activity leader somewhere to stay

Members of our team need accommodation during the one or two weeks they are working at our camps. English Experience pay local families (normally those with children attending the camp) to have our teachers and activity leaders stay in their homes. Although host families and their guests often enjoy spending time together, there is no pressure to do so – everyone works out what's best for them.

We ask that hosts provide their guest with the following:

  • a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • accommodation less than 20 minutes from the camp on foot, by bike or on public transport
  • a room of their own (a single bed is fine)
  • access to a bathroom and laundry facilities
  • the freedom (where possible) to come and go independently
  • three healthy meals a day
  • (ideally) access to the internet

If you're interested in being a host, you'll need to contact the camp's local coordinator.

Why choose an English Experience Camp?

The staff have been great: creative, competent and hardworking. They really did a wonderful job with the children, all of whom looked very happy.”

Marilena, teacher, Milano (Italy)


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