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Unforgettable experiences in English

Our full-day camps offer children a fun and effective way to develop their language skills. Each day, students spend time in the classroom and then build on their learning in specially tailored sport, art and drama sessions. We adopt a full-immersion approach, so do everything we can to encourage children to develop their confidence and fluency. Children play cricket in English, follow instructions on how to make a lantern globe in English, plan a radio show in English, talk about their favourite sandwich filling in English… so no one stays shy for long!

Taking good care of your children

Our priority is the same as yours: keeping children safe. We follow safer recruitment practices when selecting staff, adhere to a strict safeguarding policy and liaise with our coordinators to make sure that we are meeting all local safety standards. Children are supervised at all times, and a member of the English Experience team is always on a free period to give us the flexibility to deal quickly with emergencies.

Teams with the right credentials

English Experience staff interview and check the credentials of all teachers and activity leaders, as well as set them test tasks, so are sure that everyone we appoint to work on our camps is qualified to do an excellent job. To ensure sessions adhere to the highest standards, camp coordinators (a member of the team with previous experience of teaching on a camp) regularly monitor both teaching and activities while courses are running.

Could you host a member of our team?

We arrange accommodation for our teachers and activity leaders in the homes of local families – normally those with children who are attending camp. This not only earns money for the hosts but can also offer the chance of cultural and linguistic exchange.

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Interested in a camp running near you?

If you've found us on the internet and think an English Experience Camp sounds like a good idea for children in your area, you have two options. You can either pass our details on to your local school or parent's committee, or you consider helping us to organise a camp yourself! Visit our For Organisers page for more details.

Why choose an English Experience Camp?

The staff have been great: creative, competent and hardworking. They really did a wonderful job with the children, all of whom looked very happy.”

Marilena, teacher, Milano (Italy)


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Life On Camp - Video

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